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Dezember 26.

Boxing Day is the highlight of Swiss boxing and reaches far beyond the boxing scene. Boxing Day is organised by Swiss Pro Boxing GmbH. The next Boxing Day takes place on December 26th, 2021 in the Kursaal Arena in Bern.


The pinnacle of

swiss boxing 

Boxing Day has traditionally taken place on Christmas Day since 1969. The event brings both international professional boxers as well as the most important local boxers together in the ring. Boxing Day achieved international fame with the appearance of the legendary Muhammad Ali.


The event thrives on local heroes. Since 1969, on Boxing Day, all major Swiss boxers have been getting into the ring. Fritz Chervet, Max Hebeisen and Eric Nussbaum in the 1970s, Enrico Scacchia, Mauro Martelli and Sepp Iten in the 1980s, and Stefan Anghern in the 1990s. After the turn of the millennium, Yves Studer dominated the Boxing Day event. Beside him Arnold Gjergjaj, Nuri Seferi, Nicole Boss and Aniya Seki entered the ring. Since 2012, Alain Chervet has dominated the Boxing Day.


Der Berner Alain Chervet, Neffe von Fritz Chervet, stammt aus einer Schweizer Boxerfamilie. Er gab 2012 sein Profidebüt am Boxing Day und tritt seither regelmässig zum Hauptkampf des Traditionsanlasses an. 2016 gewann Alain Chervet den IBF Junioren-Weltmeistertitel.

Fritz Chervet

The Bernese Fritz Chervet, nicknamed "the fly", is still the most successful boxer in Switzerland today. The professional boxer was named the lightweight European Champion of the EBU several times. In 1973 he even duelled for the important world champion title of the WBA. Fritz Chervet shaped the Boxing Day events of the 1960s and 1970s. After his retirement as a professional boxer, he worked as bailiff in the Bern House of Parliament.


The US-American Muhammad Ali, controversial and multiple world champion, created epic boxing legends. With charisma and political engagement, Ali became the outstanding sportsman of the 20th century. The heavyweight boxer took part in his only fight in Switzerland on Boxing Day in 1971.


The Bernese with Italian roots dominated the Boxing Day events throughout the 1980s. Scacchia's spectacular and eccentric appearances thrilled both the media and audiences alike. Under the nickname "Our Rocky" he lived the dream of rising from poverty to become a box star. Coached by Charly Bühler (picture) Scacchia competed twice in the European Championship of the EBU.


Stefan Angehrn from Thurgau inspired spectators at the beginning of the 1990s with his performances at the annual event. Later, the Swiss boxer fought twice unsuccessfully for the world championship title of the WBO but won the intercontinental title of the IBF in 1997.


Yves Studer, from Freiburg, shaped the Boxing Day event of the 2000s. For a decade he inspired the spectators in Bern. He won the European Championship of the non-EU countries (EBU European Champion External-EU) several times.